Sensations' Fix, “Dark Side of Religion”

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This morning brings us the always-welcomed news of a new release by one of our favorite labels, RVNG Intl. This one is a collection of unreleased works from a pre-existing artist, the first release of a non-contemporary artist since their early 2011 re-release of Harold Grosskopf's Synthesist (I think). Sensations' Fix is a mid '70s group consisting of Franco Falsini, Richard Ursillo, and Keith Edwards, based in Italy but with two American members. Falsini, the leader of the group, had traveled America during the late '60s, and then traveled back to Europe and created several albums with the group, including Fragments of Light, Portable Madness, and Finest Finger, along with a solo record called Cold Nose. Afterwards, Falsini was in an electro-pop group called The Antennas, and started the Alternative Test label in the '90s, which produced Italian dance music. When you hear the below song, the information I just provided you is going to send you on a complete Google/Discogs and record store adventure to find the rest of the stuff Falsini has touched.

Fortunately, this collection is gathered from the Sensations' Fix original recordings, collecting a double LP's worth of tracks that were never released by the group, and it will be easy to find when it is released on September 25. The first single, “Dark Side of Religion”, is a blessing of thick but simple guitar lines arranged with obscured vocals pierced through with beams of sunlight and reverb. This record is made for summer roof joint smoking-sessions, with beautiful, smiling friends. It's almost a shame we won't get to see it until fall.