Shampoo, “Inside Out (All That I Want)”

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Shampoo has just released a new track. From Atlanta, this three piece band is made up of Rush, Catherine, and Chandler. The three met on the dance floors in 2009 in Atlanta, but it wasn’t until 2013 when they started making music together. Since then, they’ve created an expansive music resume and have toured up and down the east coast. We have their newest single, “Inside Out (All That I Want)” here first.

This track has whispery, yet very present vocals, shimmery instrumentals, and a distinct 90’s feel. When asked about the track, the band said that “this song is from the perspective of a closeted person who has a relationship with someone who is more open about their life.  This person badly wants to ‘get free’ and live the life they want, but they don’t know how to reconcile it with the life that they have.  ‘Terrible heat’ is like the inescapable feelings of love that they are too afraid to pursue past a certain point.”

Which is something we can all relate to, I’m sure. I know I can.

Terrible Heat will be released on August 17th, via Bear Kids Recordings. The release show is August 18th at The Mammal Gallery.