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Shingles God First Planted a Garden

Jesse DeRosa has been creating forward-thinking-man's weirdo noise for nearly as long as Impose has been calling the internet our home. From his work as one-half of the drone-duo Grasshopper, to his role as gatekeeper at the cassette-label Baked Tapes, he is a formidable force within Brooklyn's cacophonous walls.

DeRosa's most recent composition is a solo effort for the Wilmington, DE cassette label 2:00AM Tapes under the moniker Shingles. Whether referencing the roofing tile or skin malady, either could be an appropriate metaphor for the uncomfortable and omnipresent tones he's able to conjure using EVI, an MS-10, Electric Bass, and a typewriter—yes, a typewriter. The result is God First Planted A Garden, a CS soundtrack to a nonexistent film that, as per the label's description, adapts the story from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, though we're hearing a bit more Escape From NY vibes than stitched-together monsters. Regardless, it's a 27-minute ethereal escape from reality that deserves a coinciding movie.

God First Planted A Garden was released as a limited edition cassette back on March 17, and in true limited form, it's all sold out. Thankfully, you can stream the cassette via 2:00AM tapes bandcamp, below.