Get your Tron on with George and Jonathan III

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george and jonathan

The other night, just as my internet boredom was starting to peak, a friend sent me a link to George and Jonathan III. I opened it and wasn't immediately sure what to do—on-screen instructions told me I was listening to George and Jonathan, and to please turn up the volume. Whatever virtual spacecraft I was suddenly seated in began moving closer to a neon grid off in the distance. I realized then that I was watching a real-time visual representation of each instrument, note by note.

In George and Jonathan III, the chiptune/electronic duo has built an interactive website, accompanied by music videos for each song. The website allows users to view the notes from different angles, creating a completely immersive experience. Most of the songs stick to the neon grid format, with track three as an exception. The notes in “Puppy Love” are represented by puppies emerging whack-a-mole style against a background of bones, fire hydrants, and other pup-related iconography. The album is a total jam.

Check out George and Jonathan III, but be prepared to stop whatever you are doing. As the duo says, George and Jonathan III has ruined your life. You can stream the album below.