The Paronomasiac, “You Got Me”

Zack Wilks

The paronomasiac

In an interview with Thump, Nik Kozub, one of the heads of Canadian imprint Normals Welcome, said, “we’re a very inclusive lot.” While that statement was made in regards to the name of the label, that same feeling of friendly intimacy can also be extended to Kozub’s new single, “You Got Me.”


Kozub—who, in addition to running a record label, is the frontman of dance punk outfit Shout Out Out Out Out—is releasing “You Got Me” under the name The Paronomasiac. Given the vocal-less nature of The Paronomasiac’s debut 12″, Stress Appeal, it’s hard to tell exactly how the project’s name relates to its sounds, nonetheless, “You Got Me” is a seven-minute slow builder of trancey, gossamer dance music that’s arriving just in time for your midsummer get-togethers. It’s like the peach gradient of the sunset, curving down the sky and losing focus at the horizon line drawn by the ocean. It’s a house song for warm weather, for the outdoors, a song for all the weirdos and normals in your life.

Stress Appeal, will be released on April 28. You can stream “You Got Me” below.

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