Slow Down Molasses – “Street Haunting”

Aidan Grant

Saskatoon post-punk band returns with fuzzy, psychedelic new single

Working out of Saskatoon in Canada, four-piece post-punk band Slow Down Molasses made a name for themselves with their excellent 2016 album 100% Sunshine. Now, the innovative outfit have returned with some of their most creative and nuanced work to date, drawing on elements of ’80s new wave and post-punk on the mesmerizing single “Street Haunting.” 

Released via Divine Schism, it’s an ominous track that leaves the listener constantly guessing where it will go next. Building from a lush groove and punchy bassline, the arrangement segues into layers of psychedelic and feedback-ridden guitar fuzz, before singer Tyson McShane’s Ian Curtis-esque vocals comes roaring to the fore. 

Filled with screeching distortion and raw, warehouse-dwelling energy reminiscent of Manchester in the ’80s, “Street Haunting” is a unique return trip from Slow Down Molasses.

“The song ruminates on the casual, but oft-underappreciated beauty of the urban environment and the predictability of a person’s daily tasks,” McShane shared. “A place sometimes overflowing with creative energy, but where it’s often necessary to remind oneself of the casual brilliance of one’s peers and the places we typically tend to haunt.” 

You can watch the video below:

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