Smoke DZA and ASAP Rocky gettin' quatro'ed

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Rolling Stoned

The fortunate politico mothers of America want us to believe weed is a gateway drug, but anyone who has smoked the sticky knows, it just leads to munchies and poor taste in movies. Even Danny Brown told MTV he never experimented with the “dangerous” stuff until he started abusing Adderrall, a legalized sibling of the dreaded narcotics family.

But, it seems the weed community in hip hop might inadvertently endorse the D.A.R.E. myth by pushing the limits of control. Over some Carpenter score sounds courtesy of 183rd, Smoke DZA links up with ASAP Rocky for “4 Loko,” a tribute to the fruity caffiented drunken bar fright juice. DZA is carving his path outside of the Smoker's Club by embracing all facets of intoxication on his upcoming Rolling Stoned record, which is starting to sound like an extension of his Lex Lugar produced “Loaded”. Rappers need to be mindful of peddling hedonism. It could wake up the sleeping mother bears who haven't attacked the genre since the 90s.

Smoke DZA, “4 Loko” (feat. ASAP Rocky)

Rolling Stoned is out August 30.