Snack Truck's Spacial Findings 1-7

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snack truck spacial findings 1-7 cover

Snack Truck, a Richmond institution, have in Spacial Findings (Rorschach) a past 7-inch cobbled with three unreleased tracks.

The two-drums, three-to-four-piece band is something of a regional supergroup, with members of Ultra Dolphins, Brainworms, and VCR propping up their mash of math/ prog rock, never without the decibels primed and ready to burst out of the stables. If you've had the pleasure, as I have, of seeing Snack Truck live, you know that these muscular turns of melody and meter aren't studio concoctions. What you hear is what you get.

Snack Truck, “Presence Charm”

Snack Truck, “Blake Jones in Space”