Space Daze – Line Up on the Solstice

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Space Daze is the solo project of Danny Rowland, guitarist and lyricist of Seattle's Seapony. In between recording Seapony's debut 2011 LP Go With Me and the upcoming Falling, Rowland challenged himself to write and record a new song every day for an entire month. Although the project only lasted for twelve days, the resulting tracks have found their way onto the first Space Daze album, Follow My Light Back Home. The first single, Line Up on the Solstice,” is a wistfully idyllic tune that is perfect for lounging in the sun and evoking memories of summers past.

Follow My Light Back Home is out now on bandcamp

Stream the single here:

Watch the video for “Line Up on the Solstice” features Hardly Art superstar Colleen Green and Maxx Maulion below.