Speak! tributes Anton and raps with Spaceghostpurrp

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I don't have much time for Facebook stalking musicians, but Speak! makes the pasttime easy with obsessive status updates and “via Twitter” updates of casual encounters with Timbaland in Miami and juvenile (albiet fuggin' hysterical) disses to the careers of Big Sean's moustache, Mac Miller's uni-brow and Joe Budden's only hit.These artists are unknowingly in Speak!'s crosshairs, which allows him to run his unfiltered mouth without reprocussions, but after lending a helping hand to Kreyshawn's “Gucci Gucci” his notoriety could catch up to him. While we wait to find out if Speak! is the first hipster rapper to take a bullet, let's enjoy his latest leaked tracks that may or may not make his Inside Out Boy album.

The first is “The Ballad of Anton Newcombe”, which features Speak! shouting out his self-precribed genre-to-be “trillwave”. While another “wave” genre, is the last thing I'm interested in endorsing, the mock-ballad is akin to the early tremors of OFWKGTA's production quirks, junky and minimal, but packed with crusting thump. In making this comparison, it should be noted that Speak!'s upcoming record features production from Syd Tha Kid. Listen to “The Ballad of Anton Newcombe” at Speak!'s Applebird.org website.

Apparently Speak met Timbaland while working on track with Spaceghostpurrp in Tim's studio. The song “Way Back” from the sessions with Purrp has already been released and it's produced by Michael Uzowuru, also an affiliate of OFWGKTA. The track is easily the most accessible Spaceghostpurrp song in existence, but Speak! steals the show with raunchy multis like “Happy Hannukah/ drunk in Santa Monica / wishing I was home watching Internet erotica / that kinky European shit that's barely legal / tell them hoes to work it out and tighten up they kegels.”

Spaceghostpurrp, “Way Back” (feat. Speak!)

Also check out Speak!'s performance of “Run Lola Run” at the Knocksteady offices to see “trillwave” in action.