Only 11 hours left to stream ShowYouSuck's “Gucci Mane”

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For the next 11 hours Chicago's ShowYouSuck is streaming the first single from his upcoming Bummer EP, entitled “Gucci Mane”. In titling it after the Brrrr-man, ShowYouSuck reappropriates Mr. Bitch-I-Might-Be as less a trap lord and more a literary device illustrating thoughts and feelings that arrive with the summer months. “Gucci Mane” is lemonade glasses, ice cream cones, and an endless supply of good vibes.

ShowYouSuck brings a stream of consciousness to his latest single, “Gucci Mane”, placing the stigma of his hometown into question over a lounge-y instrumental by Walkingshoe. He asks, “Chicago breeds violence / what about them slices that we slang?” He might be bias, since later in the track he mentions pizza is his favorite food, but the brief counter point is a request for reprieve from typecasting his people as systemically destructive. Those same people are responsible for some of the best pizza in the country.

He steps down from the soapbox for the remainder of “Gucci Mane” to share details of his life that include being an aquaphobic, anxiety for shows in new cities, where to cop his Dude.Bro EP, and being straight edge for six years, but still having the temptation roll up a blunt of purple. He might be the One-Man Pizza Party of rap, but even in his most self-serving asides on “Gucci Mane” he still slices off a piece of social commentary.

ShowYouSuck is planning five videos for “Gucci Mane” to run from June 9 to 13. His Bummer EP is due later in June, or something (his words not ours).