Sunglasses, “Stand Fast”

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Sunglasses is a duo of art college buddies that rode that wave of creativity cultivated on campus from an art film project to a debut EP.

Want to know the best way to get a write up from Blake Gillespie on this website? Write a song that's bursting with sunshine vibes and seal the deal with a whistling melody – it also helps if your band is signed to Lefse. Sunglasses is on that post-MPP vibe of multi-layered beats that inspire warm feelings like we're all children of the sun. The wave washes and seagull calls are a bit of an overkill, but after playing “Stand Fast” a couple times through, the chorus is already renting space in my toe-tapping membrane.

Sunglasses's five song EP is out June 15 on Lefse. After a brief stint in New York City, which includes an opening slot for Tobacco, Sunglasses will hole up in a Maryland lake house to being work on a full length.

Sunglasses, “Stand Fast”

Here's a video by 800 Bam Bam – 1/2 of Sunglasses – for the song “Whiplash”.

“WHIPLASH” by Sunglasses from 8000 bam bam on Vimeo.