John War – ‘Fantasy’

SoCal songwriter & producer conjures poignant, forward-thinking indie cocktail on stunning debut LP

John War – “Less Alone”

SoCal producer winds down with sparse & longing new single

PREMIERE: Cowgirl: “I’m Always Lost”

U.K. rockers unleash huge riffs and infectious melodies on new single

Submotile – “Winter Storm Sequence”

Dublin shoegazers melt faces with beautiful video for recent album highlight

Lingua Ignota – “Butcher of the World”

Prettiest Eyes – “Nekrodisco”

Argus, “Queen”

A horror trip of sound and sight from a young mind

Just give up now, Buffalo has the best noise fest this summer

The Summer Scum Noise Fest takes the title.

Stream Shingles, God First Planted A Garden CS

What movie do you think it should soundtrack?

Black Kaspar, Schizo-Tech CS

Behold the experimental skronk of the Louisville noise scene.

Clipping, “Bout That”

With noise creeping into the rap conversation, LA responds accordingly.

Cities Aviv, Black Pleasure

Gavin Mays first record since 2011 is black on both sides.

Reviews: The Hague, Bailter Space, The Cringe

Former Flying Nuns turned New Yorkers, Texas honkey tonk, and dud that fails hard.

Setting Sail For 2012

An evaluation of the worth of New York's various New Year's Eve parties.

Weird Wives give the full length

Don't call them a Surfer Blood side project. It's insulting.


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