Sunhaze, Wishful Thinking

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October 29th is the record release party at Milk Bar for Wishful Thinking, the first full-length record released by indie pop rock collective Sunhaze. (It’s also a Halloween costume party, but we’re here to focus on this stunner of an album.) It was recorded at Different Fur Studios in San Francisco and was engineered and produced by Sean Paulson, Brandon Martinez and Derek Schultz.

Band members Danae Labraña, Priscilla del Rosario, Erin Walter, Brandon Iljas, and Aaron Chin (whose spot has since been taken over by Jay Lee) have created an album of disparate tunes with a thread of graceful harmonies and clear instrumentals to tie the entire project together.

“For Her” and “Buddy” are particulars favorites for their dreamy vocals and adroit lyrics. Another favorite, “You Don’t Know” is an alternative pop tune with a punched up drum baseline that invites you to sing along, which I did.

The entire album has a drive with the top down quality to it.  If you are in a warm climate, do that right now!


Wishful Thinking is available now.