The Everywheres, “Easy Bells”

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the everywheres

Not all psych-pop is created equal. In a land where the jangle and the glitter reflects so crystal-clear that it shines right back on itself, it can be hard to find the sound that challenges all the others. With this new track from Nova Scotia musicman Sam Hill, under the prescient moniker The Everywheres (meaning soon you will be seeing them everywhere), we've found the psychy, lo-fi, captivating tone we needed—it's not so dredged in overlays and sludge that we lose touch with it, and it's not so brightly colored that it makes it hard to see. The poppy track “Easy Bells” is lighthearted and driven, and with a slow interlude to bridge us to the end of the tune, it's potent in its complexity. In short, it's not your average psych jam.

The Everywheres' debut self-titled record will release through Father/Daughter Records on June 25, and you can expect a full tour in the late summer. Take a listen to the track below.