The F16s – “I’m On Holiday”

Post Author: Myles Hunt

Rising Indian alt-pop band conjures joyful noise on new single off upcoming EP

Despite the rough summer so far, there always remains musical hope. This time it comes from several continents over in the magical country of India via alt-pop group The F16s. Already staples in the international music scene, they are the perfect band to bring joyful motivation to the masses with their new single “I’m On Holiday” off their upcoming EP Is It Time To Eat The Rich Yet?

“I’m On Holiday” has a joyful rhythm right off the bat. Escapism and optimistic energy propels forward with each jingle, beckoning the listener to relish in the mundane, and accepting that it is OK to just be. Its poppy enthusiasm contrasts well with the somber vocals. Everyone seems cautiously happy while reminiscing on better days. There is a whirlwind of hope with the strings as The F16s encourage listeners to keep on keeping on. Even if holidays beyond the bedroom door are impossible, plenty of exuberant options remain available. Just put these guys on and vibe. 

Their musical stories and emotions match much of what fans the globe over have experienced from 2019 onwards. It is a shared dip into memory and reflection on which they were more than happy to unveil in more detail below:

How was completing this EP during a global pandemic? Was there a new set of processes that you all went through?

It did take a toll on us individually at different points. Not to mention physically. It did force us to re-align the way we would normally work coming into an EP like this. It sped up the process in certain aspects, while intermittent lockdowns pushed things long enough for us to change things here and there.

Is there an evolution or change in your sounds in this EP? What new tactics did you attempt?

There is a gradual evolution, even within the span of five songs. We were keen on bridging the sound of ‘WKND FRNDS’ while also taking a definite step into a direction we hadn’t been in before. Even in the more minute aspects like sound design, [we] tried a litany of techniques to alter textures and create space.

What was your most joyful moment as a band to date?

Maybe it’s still yet to come, perhaps with this EP. 

Do you have any tips for upcoming musicians in your space?

DIY or die. Make a song and put it out there, even if it’s crap it’s a whole entire song. Now you know how to do it and you can do it again. The freedom for creation has never been where it currently is.

What are your ambitions going forward?

More music, of course. Have to get more folks on the train. We’re also looking to put together tours internationally, with a keen eye on festival dates.