The History of Apple Pie, “Don't You Wanna Be Mine?”

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Though it may be considered sacrilege in some parts of this country to have Londoners telling us the history of apple pie, with the dollops of nuanced sweetness on their latest single, “Don't You Wanna Be Mine?”, The History of Apple Pie might actually get the story right. The first single to release since their debut album came out earlier this year, this track has all the characteristics of a pop song taken through the grinder. Stephanie Min's shimmered vocals run over an effects-laden guitar that is both fuzzy and gauzy and cut particuarly sharp. Adding in to the mix, like a hefty dash of cinnamon, is the pulse of the tambourine, which beats on like a healthy but heavy heart.

The History of Apple Pie will release this single and its Dreamtrak remix through Marshall Teller Records on October 14. Expect the band Stateside for mid-October's CMJ Festival.