The Philaflava Project

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The Philaflava Project

Steady Bloggin' has
completed a magnificent project. The Philaflava Project is a
compilation produced and recorded entirely by rappers and beatmakers
that are members of the
message board. It's a rare occurance of good vibes coming from a message board, a dangerous place where conversation can easily veer towards taunts of who's the biggest fag on the
internet. The Philaflava Project is devoid of keystyles. These are real
rappers and producers who just happen to enjoy tired dialogue on the
greatness of Gucci Mane vs. Rakim in their free time.

Chances are these names are unfamiliar unless you're a bulwark of your local hip hop scenes. Be it from Baltimore to L.A., the project represents nationwide talent to the fullest (and Canada). Toronto's Big Scen appears twice, flexing a flow that will have 90's nostalgia heads feeling right at home. While Godamus Rhyme and Stik Figa recreate The Pharcyde's “Passin Me By” with a honorable tribute that maintains the strife of the original. This time though, the rappers are on that “old man broken hearted shit.”

Get the project here.