The Silver Hearts, “Letter To The Editor”

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After ten years of radio silence, genre blending quintet The Silver Hearts are bringing their sound back into our lives on November 4th of this year with their album Golden Favourites via Mudtown Records. We’ve got the premiere of their new single “Letter to The Editor” right here.

Upfront lyrics, quirkily composed instrumentals with notable guitar riffs and horns, and you’ve got the quintessential sound of The Silver Hearts. A little ol’ timey feeling, and then they bring you right back to modern times with lines like “no pedophiles”, which we imagine isn’t something you’d hear much but for the last few decades. And, yes, they do still have the bar music sound that will keep you up into the late hours of the night dancing to their music.

Golden Favourites is out November 4th. It is available for preorder now.