The Young Sinclairs, “You're Tied”

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the young sinclairs

Treetop Sorbet Recordings, the Philadelphia label home to Honey Radar and founded by a member of the defunct band Arches, has started a new series called the Cassingle Series, and the champagne smash comes with Roanoke staple The Young Sinclairs. On their track “You're Tied”, the lo-fi goodness starts early through a wave of scaled guitars and lightly-hit tambourines, making it a summer jam of the 60s happening over fifty years later. Whether you're a fan of Brian Jonestown Massacre or Brian Wilson, “You're Tied” will have you wrapped up in warm, expressive psych and pop platitudes, and it's as if we never left.

The Cassingles Series starts with this one, then continues on with an Alpine Roses (Brendan Codey/Dan Svizeny of Cough Cool) release on September 23, then a White Laces release on October 7. You can pick up all three or just one at this link, then stream “You're Tied” below.