Time Wharp remixes C V L T S

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time wharp animated gif

Weird Magic points us at this nug-sized sequence, a remix of C V L T S' “Angel Chromosome” by Time Wharp. It's a dizzying start, randomized note-gliding, a pitch-fucked symphonic moment before the pulse drops and we're gliding friction-free on a drugged two chord lilt, and then it ends far too soon.

Use it next time you're opening up film credit with a gliding shot from a silent helicopter.

ANGEL CHROMOSOME (Time Wharp rmx) by C V L T S</a>

The track comes as promotional trimmings for a C V L T S / Umberto split 7-inch coming out February 22. More on that here.

There's also this somber new Time Wharp track, dropped this month with the .gif floating up above. Listen as it slowly burns up into an 8-bit bonfire of aggrevated textures competing for dominance.

Time Wharp, “Mandelbrotset”