Tommy Lefroy – “Knievel”

Post Author: Aidan Grant

Rising duo shares evocative, moving slice of soft indie bliss

Transatlantic songwriting partners Tessa Mouzourakis and Wynter Bethel – aka Tommy Lefroy – have made a significant mark on the indie scene over the past twelve months. We’ve loved their work on previous releases “Northern Towns” and “The Cause,” and now the duo have just dropped some of their best work in the form of “Knievel,” an evocative piece of soft indie with gorgeous harmonies and counter-melodies throughout. The chorus carries the track with a spine-tingling harmony chanting “I’m Not Myself Right Now” – the vocal delivery sounds personal, emotive and uniquely Tommy Lefroy. 

The rising indie duo are named after a Jane Austen character and take their musical inspiration from their own stories and characters in their lives.

“We wrote this song about when fear of failure becomes self sabotaging,” they shared. “It’s about imposter syndrome and our own inclinations towards recklessness when we feel like things are out of our hands. We grew up hearing folklore of the ‘70s, and loved the mythos of American stuntman Evel Knievel, who was revered for his bravery in the jump regardless of whether he stuck the landing.”

Give it a spin below: