Touching Voids, “Like Dust”

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Touching Voids

Our friends at are some busy bodies. We can barely keep up. One month they are in Seattle, the next they are parading over the outskirts of Portland, and this week we find them in Chicago. Ever glued to the next great thing, they introduced us to a group of Chicago boys known as Touching Voids, a group with ties to one of the Windy City's well-known indie bands not named Wilco.

Only two songs in existence, Touching Voids are born and raised Chicago, the proof is in the video for “Like Dust” shot in frontman Ziyad Asrar's parent's basement in Logan Square. Due to stipulations surrounding those ties we mentioned, Ziyad and bassist Malcom Brown are the only visible members of Touching Voids. It's an icey night in Chicago, sliding through the alleyways with a bottle of wine in hand – it only looks dangerous to those who don't walk on ice five months out of the year. The basement is transformed, as only can do, into a blue lit performance room rather than the place where family photos and Ziyad's baby clothes are stored.

“Like Dust” is built upon the pristine plucking and dreamy vocals that Slumberland is made of, whether it be the label or an imaginery place where floating is possible and everything is pillowy soft. Most bands might sneak in a keyboard solo, particularly when the lead is playing them, but Asrar keeps the time with his fingers, while his band mates tumble into the chorus and break off mini-riff flexes. We are fond of “Like Dust” because despite the finality of the title, the flirtation with infinite vacancy in the band's name, it's offset by tendernous in their songwriting and Asrar's hushed croon, as though exploring the end is inviting to the meek and daydreaming.

For now, Touching Voids has no plans for a full length, but keep up with the band at their website as talk of a 7″ by the summer heats up. Also follow Touching Voids on Instagram, maybe you can figure out who those mystery members are.