UUMANS, “Footsteps”

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UUMANS is the latest project from Matthew Mehlan, the man who brought you SKELETON$. He released a limited 7-inch single entitled, Flippin Out Pt. 1, with OTH-ER, INC at the end of December and is back to present you with the next installment in his series. The 11-track cassette, aptly titled Flippin Out Pt. 2, is “about losing your mind in the most boring, polite and overwrought way possible” as Mehlan so elegantly puts it. The music is self-recorded and features a number of instrumentals, interludes and songs that are exclusive to the release.

Mehlan insists that UUMANS should generally be listened to loudly, preferably with large speakers and a subwoofer. And if you don't have internet access, there's no need to panic (but how are you even reading this?), you can call the toll-free UUMANS hotline at 1-855-UUMANS-1 to listen to the music in monophonic telephone quality, though be warned, it may not be quite the spectral experience you'd have through some rumbling subs.

“Footsteps” is the second song on the Flippin Out Pt. 2 cassette, kicking in just after the track “I'm definitely not trying to be friends with any urban bugs” closes out. It's five minutes and 48 seconds in length of Mehlan singing in autotune over synthesizers and drum machines. “Footsteps” is dancy and indelibly heavy, boasting the sort of rumbling bass that would almost certainly blow out your speakers if you turned them up too loud. Yet, Mehlan still manages to keep it remarkably pensive at parts, asking again and again, “Should we stop now before the fun trickles out?”

In May, UUMANS begins a residency at Public Assembly in Brooklyn, playing each Monday at 8pm. “Practice” is curated by Diamond Terrifier and UUMANS, see the dates below for more information to see the complete list of artists for each show.

May 6
Ivy Meadows (Future Shuttle)
Justin Frye (PC Worship)
Michael Beharie (Tezeo)
Molly Smith (DJ)

May 13
Mas Ysa
The Present
Zebrablood (Nathan from Excepter)
Dome Theatre
Will Calcutt (DJ)

May 20
Amen Dunes
Diamond Terrifier (Record release!)
Jessica Cook (dance)
Blondes (DJ)(RVNG)
Heathered Pearls (DJ)(Ghostly)

May 27
(curated by MV Carbon)
C. Spencer Yeh
Violet Raid
Pod Blatz
Coitus Mayfield (DJ)

Flipping Out Pt. 2 is now available on OTHER, INC.