VANIISH, “Search And Replace”

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Mish Way—of White Lung notoriety—put her stamp of approval on the new San Francisco outfit VANIISH this past weekend. On “Search And Replace”, taken from VANIISH’s debut album Memory Work, she had this to say over at Noisey: “I miss songs like this. Songs that make me feel like I’m in a cave full of noise and every echo is catered to fill the holes in my brain.”

She’s right. The Bay Area quartet—comprised of members Kevin Tecon (former member of The Soft Moon, present member of Wax Idols), Amy Rosenoff (also of Wax Idols), Adam Beck and Nick Ott—create a particular breed of post-punk that checks off all its influences. Bringing to mind the Lower East Side no-wave of the late 70s, the blistering intro of “Search And Replace”' makes use of highly dissonant and distorted guitars and industrial drums. Tecon’s echo-y and reverb-y vocals seem to combine both the aesthetic of early 80s new wave and early 90s shoegaze (think: Creation Records). VANIISH put all their influences on display, but they do a great job of combining them to create a pleasantly dark and distinct sound.

Memory Work is due for a June 10 release via Metropolis Records.