viz///e, “Give It A Try” (Keith Sweaty Remix)

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In early January we introduced you to viz///e, the solo project of Erik Visnyak of Snakesuit, via lead single, “You've Got To Go”. With it's emotive string arrangement sample and shared guy-girl vocals, the track's high drama made us think of soundtrack material for yet another modern adaptation of a Shakespearan play to silver screen.

The original “Give It A Try” on the EP is poised for pop radio. The sparse electronic arrangements stand clear of the vocalist Audrey Bankhead. You could listen to Lorde 78 more times in one hour by jumping your FM dial between the three Top 40 stations in your area or you could expand those horizons with the viz///e EP. For further expansion, look to the “Give It A Try” (Keith Sweaty Remix), which blasts the original into the spacey uknown with only a few dub records in the CD player. Keith Sweaty chipmunks and etherealizes Bankheads' vocals, sending the track into a furistic r&b journey in which giving it a try has a cosmic reward.

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