WALL, “Fit the Part”

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WALL fit the part 7-inch wharf

The heart-wrenching throes of punk anxiety are out and at large in “Fit the Part”, the new single from WALL, off their 7-inch EP, out January 15 on Wharf Cat. From the sparse percussion in the song’s opening, to the agitated, nails-on-a-chalkboard-austerity of the guitar, the entire song acts as the frenzied panic attack of someone losing their identity; laden with brutal, seemingly false convictions grasping at anything to maintain a sense of self. The guitar tones are as cold as a corpse, and the plucky manner of their delivery are the final twitching of life leaving the body. As the chorus approaches, the climbing constancy of strumming pumps formaldehyde in and instills preservation of tissue, and the subsequent illusion of restfulness, when the lyrics, and everything surrounding these melodies are anything but. An agitated Samantha York delivers her lines in an alternation between shouted deadpan and uncaring, yet steadfast diatribes, all a mantra of an unfounded, or perhaps false self-reassurance, as she mutters, “I fear I’ve lost my place in this race, but I can wear the face of a winner.” She isn’t here to please everybody, or anybody for that matter, but rather, she’s here to call out the phoniness of the world, even though she has to stake her claim in it.