Wax Thematique’s Reel series with Paces Lift

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Nearly two years ago, Wax Thematique announced a mix series entitled REEL, a vinyl-only exploration of the outlying genres like Flamenco Fuzz, Futurist Gypsy Folk, Detective Funk, and Italian post-war percussion. Likely, all coined within the series but fitting descriptions of the found sounds within. It was launched with St. Louis’ DJ MAKossa on REEL 1, a hyper-sexualized compilation of porno clips and psychedelic trips. Bygone is the through line of REEL, as the series celebrates vintage equipment and the niche eras that existed in their heyday. Producer Paces Lift revives the series with its second installment, exploring Parisian big band and a genre he’s referring to as “Detective Funk”.

It’s a two-fold sleuthing for Paces Lift on REEL 2, a soundtrack fit for Dick Tracey reboots and the type of discovered gems that only a true digger would unearth. While the download is complimentary, the mix comes with exclusive stickers and a poster designed by Small Studio France for purchase on the Wax Thematique website.