Westing, "Skipping Beats"

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

Starting originally as an acoustic solo project, Westing‘s sound has come a long way. In the band’s new song “Skipping Beats,” things get loud and angsty. “Skipping Beats” is charged: with crashing drums, emo tinged vocals and loud guitars. The track is 4 minutes worth of passionate intense post hardcore/emo aesthetics. Westing wrote the song from a place of needing to start over and let go of the past. “I was focused on what I couldn’t change and it weighed me down,” he admitted. “I needed to let everything fall apart. I needed to start over. This song is about letting go of past failures and moving on.”
When met with all of the emotion in the artist’s voice, “Skipping Beats” is a mosh pit-ready source of catharsis.

“Skipping Beats” comes from Westing’s upcoming EP I Haven’t Been Feeling Myself, out April 14. Keep up with Westing here.