Wise Blood, “Alarm”

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wise blood

Naming your solo project after a Flannery O'Connor novel is probably one of the easier ways to get people like me to pay attention, and in the case of Wise Blood, there are several additional elements that contribute to the success of the project. Chris Laufman, whose internet presence is limited and mysterious, has shared a track entitled “Alarm” that is pulse-heavy, stormy, and makes an unforgettably subtle mark. Its balance between the real and the synthesized is so delicate that it's almost unnoticeable—there are hard-hit piano clucks and a saxophone backbeat that leads into a bassoon interlude, but that doesn't mean that everything is all made in true form. There is a string of under-the-current electronics pulsing and it makes for a well-rounded first single from the upcoming record.

Wise Blood's id releases on June 25 through Dovecote Records, and he'll be playing a record release show at Glasslands on the same date.