Wymond Miles, “Passion Plays”

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Wymond Miles, the guitarist from San Francisco's Fresh & Onlys, is releasing a sophomore full-length this fall, and after the exceptional debut in his solo project, Under the Pale Moon, the second contribution is certain to impress. “Passion Plays” is the first track from his upcoming Passion Plays 7″, which will release on Sacred Bones on September 17, followed by a full-length on the same label on October 17. The track has a dose of the melodrama and the dark, high-toned energy that we've heard from his previous solo work, but this track is actually heftier and more thorough—it has the permanence of recordings that are put to tape, but the shine of songs that get the digital touch. The way the vibrato in the guitar tone pitch-shifts and echos proves that this is no dark post-punk song to discard, nay, a serious pulled-out and stretched through layers of romantic nuance.

You can preorder both the 7″ and the full-length album, Cut Yourself Free, through Sacred Bones here.