Yelawolf, “Swagger Killer”

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Many a things can slay your swagger. In the case of Yelawolf, his long-awaited Trunk Muzik: 0-60 felt as though it had its swag killed by a star-studded release date. In addition to the perfect Kanye album, Nicki Minaj, Lloyd Banks and Curren$y all did their unintentionally small part to steal Yelawolf's day of thunder.

A leftover from the album sessions, “Swagger Killer” is a jazzy production that features Yelawolf in playboy storyteller mode at the bar. Yela scoops a British honey dip named Mz Shanti by being a klutz with his wine glass of cabernet. He flips the clumsy move into a swagger perfected pick-up move, but the story goes awry at a stoplight. I can't quite figure out why a stranger was angry with the girl for riding with Yela, but it's apparently a serious offense.

“Yelawolf, “Swagger Killer” (feat. Mz Shanti)