Yohuna, “Para True” (produced by Emily Reo)

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Perhaps you have yet to hear of Yohuna, the dream pop project of Berlin-via-Eau Claire Wisconsin native Johanne Swanson. If that is the case, it’s time that changed. Although Swanson has not released her own album since 2011’s Revery, she has built a devoted following through her features in compilations such as The Le Sigh Volume 1, Odd Castles’ Those Who Were Once Friends Are Now Fam, and Boring Ecstasy: The Bedroom Pop of Orchid Tapes. Swanson is also a member of the FMLY Collective, and helped co-organize 2013’s Boston FMLY Fest. The ideals of community and sharing are obviously important to Swanson, so it only makes sense that her work as Yohuna is warm and welcoming.

In this tradition, Yohuna’s latest single features a beat from longtime collaborator and friend Emily Reo. “Para True” begins with a few simple keys, but as soon as Yohuna’s voice begins, the song blooms into something much larger.

Stream “Para True” below