Yonas Michael, “Mr. Black President”

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On this Election day, many may want to slide into the voting booth and write-in the chorus from Yonas Michael‘s latest: “Mr. Black President, don’t you leave!” The talented rhymer’s latest single is an ode to the last eight years, and how much he’s “really gonna miss these days.”

Over guitar melodies that evoke reflection and joy, Yonas expresses being a “rhymer four years into bein’ a father” during such a momentous time in US history. He rues raising a daughter amidst a money hungry education system and seemingly bloodthirsty police system. Our country has a bevy of problems, but many like, the former UNI member, felt quelled by having a Black President.

During each verse Yonas rhymes in quick, dense pockets, then steps back with a quaint melody, which leads into the chorus’ beautiful, sadness-tinged plea. “Mr. Black President” is the first single from Yonas’ upcoming Neptunes Inspired Me EP, which will probably be released in 2017—post Obama. At least Barack’s biggest supporters will have a reminder of happier times on that day.

You can stream “Mr. Black President” below.