Yuck, “Middle Sea”

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After frontman Daniel Blumberg left British lo-fi scuzzrock band Yuck last year, then embarked on a solo project called Hebronix that sounds like a distinct Yuck offshoot, there was hefty speculation over the possibility of Yuck ever repairing. With the first single from their sophomore album, Glow & Behold, the band appears to be back at it and in full force, albeit with a moderately more developed tone. The track is “Middle Sea” and it has the Brits leaving behind that completely scuzzy, basement bender sound. In its place is a scale akin to Braid or Superchunk that only reaches back to its roots in the female backing vocals and undeniable catchiness. It's a brave new world for Yuck and they're doing well with it so far—the stakes have just been upped.

Stream “Middle Sea” below, then preorder the Blumberg-less Yuck record on October 1 through Fat Possum.