Zedd The Incredible, “Naps”

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Zedd The Incredible

It's been a long time since I've had reason to evoke the name Bahamadia, but after listening to Zedd The Incredible's upcoming debut, Violently Ill, the drought is over. Even in its title, Zedd is touching upon an era in which the illest female rapper didn't need a keen fashion sense or endorsements from Diplo. She just needed to write “Rugged Ruff”.

Equipped with the glitchy, ethereal production of Nedarb Nagrom and Gaslamp Killer, Zedd The Incredible possesses Bahamadia's soft spoken vocalism, and the song stylings of THEESatisfaction. “Naps” feels inspired by the afro-futurism explored by Shabazz Palaces and THEESatisfaction, without sacrificing Zedd's identity as an individual with a vision all her own. “Naps” is largely about reflecting on one's choices in life and observing one's circle of friends. Zedd manuevers through the song with a spit-fire delivery that warrants her parting words of “if I said I was the illest that would be an understatement.”

Zedd The Incredible's Violently Ill is out soon.