A bonus from Loyal Divide's Bodice Ripper sessions

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Loyal Divide Otto

When Chicago's Loyal Divide sent its Bodice Ripper record to the factory it was too ambitious to be pressed within the confines of a 12″. Thus, a track entitled “Otto” with Automata vocalist Rachel Sarah Thomas had to be cut. The band's label Kilo records did not want “Otto”, a rare moment of tenderness in Loyal Divide's songwriting, to slip into oblivion. The label placed “Otto” as well as b-side “Lover I Can Tell You” on iTunes.

“Otto” is unlike any previously released Loyal Divide song until roughly the 2:30 mark, in which the computer-pysch textures that made Bodice Ripper a compelling onslaught, finally seep in. Here's hoping this is the first glimpse into future collaborations with Rachel Sarah Thomas. I don't often feel this way, but songs such as this make me back to the glory days of Ninja Tune and trip hop. I'm still not ready to let those days die out. It's a relief that Loyal Divide is carrying on the lineage.

In February Loyal Divide is releasing a Bodice Ripper remix record with contributions from Chelsea Wolfe, Sub Swara, Chrome Sparks, BBU, Netherfriends, and CFCF, among others. The album will also include Loyal Divide's remix of a Matthew Dear track.

Purchase “Otto” and “Lover I Can Tell You” on iTunes.