Watch Allison Crutchfield and Ali Koehler perform “Stand Next To Me” in a church

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allison crutchfield and ali koehler at the church on york

Bless The Media. The bi-weekly webpaper run by Liz Pelly and Faye Orlove once again proves to be a media outlet worth revisiting. Issue 34's video is a cover of the currently defunct (though recently-reunited) Bad Banana song, “Stand Next To Me” by two of music's leading women. Pals Allison Crutchfield (Swearin') and stand-in Katie Crutchfield, Ali Koehler, may never start a band together, but we can still dream. “Stand Next To Me” is originally from the Crutchfield twins' album Crushfield. It's a sweet ditty about standing next to a cute dude at a show: “Stand next to me / Well I don't really know you / And you don't really know me / But there's not a lot of room in here to stand / And you used to be in my favorite band.” Seated in simple metal chairs onstage at the Church On York, Crutchfield plays guitar while Koehler sings and occassionally glances at her phone to check the lyrics, as the two share awkward giggles in between. It's the sort of intimate video you expect some super-fan to unearth 15 years in the future and watch with jealous anticipation.