Barack Obama is for the children

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In the race for relevancy to that 18-34 year old consumer voter demographic, Barack Obama's lapping his closest competition, who chose a Celine Dion song to symbolize her campaign.

He's involved himself with a surprising milieu of musical acts, presumably tailored to appeal to people who like their alt-country hip hop tempered with top forty jams from 1998. Last week saw a benefit concert featuring Macy Gray, Jeff Tweedy, Cool Kids, the dude from Third Eye Blind, some local bands and the chick who wrote "I Kissed A Girl". This week, Arrested Development played at USC for the 30,000 people strong Oprah-Obama rally there and Kidz in the Hall released "Work To Do", a ...campaign song? That's what the press release says. Naledge quips, sort of:

"'Work To Do' is not necessarily a song that was meant as a 'campaign song,' but more so a philosophy on how to approach life in general... I happen to think that Barack Obama embodies everything that is promising for the future of our nation and represents the hope I sought to speak on in the song. Being from Chicago, I have seen his rise to prominence first hand and I can honestly say that I believe he is the best option for our next president."

Obama's taste in music might not win him many points with Iowa's farmers, but it certainly pleases us. And though we can't vote in Iowa, or South Carolina, or New Hampshire, we can jump on the benefit band wagon. With that in mind, we are now accepting any and all donations to our Impose for Obama campaign. Checks should be made out to "Impose", and sent directly to our PO Box. Credit cards are also accepted. Just put them in an envelope and sent them to our PO Box. All donations will help raise awareness of the Impose for Obama fund through investments in our private Obama events, as well as a new TV set, after someone threw the old one out a window at the last Impose for Obama event.

Glad to see we're all in this together.