Bleeding Rainbow, “Drift Away”

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bleeding rainbow

Bleeding Rainbow, our esteemed friends from Philly, just dropped a new single “Drift Away” on Wednesday. You might remember Bleeding Rainbow as being Reading Rainbow, until Carrie Brownstein and a legion of PBS-nostalgia peddlers bitched and LaVar Burton threatened to lawyer up. (Not really, but probably.) “Drift Away” is a steady garage-pop channeled through a heavy 90’s alternative lens that has the duo expanding to a full band sound, opening up for instrumental solos and generally filling up the mix in a way that they haven’t really done before as a two piece. It’ll blow your mind more than some guy blabbing about how great Johnny Tremain is.

“Drift Away” is one of three announced 7-inch's from their upcoming third album ,Yeah Right, due out Januray 29, 2013 on Kanine Records.