Dinner Music, “I'll Be Seeing You”

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Dinner Music

In my hometown there’s an annual haunted house that’s no joke. They hold zombie auditions. And all kinds of wizards and trolls emerge from parental basements more than six months in advance for training, only to become unrecognizable perverts for the entire month of October.

One of the spooky rooms has an uncomfortable family meal in procession – a decapitated human head for the entree and a side dish of worms. And when you lean in real close before someone under the table grabs your leg and you scream, you realize the bodiless face is singing the lyrics of a little ditty called, “I’ll Be Seeing You,” off of Dinner Music’s new Tomb of Comb cassette available on Asheville, North Carolina's Bathetic Records.

Dinner Music is primarily Rick Weaver, of Human Conduct and New Flesh Flame, singing and playing organ, corpse piano, and noise. Based out of Saint Louis, Weaver also runs Human Conduct Records. Stream the Halloween jammer, “I'll Be Seeing You,” at the bottom of the website screen.