C. Spencer Yeh presents Hair Police 2001-2002

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Tonight only, the Spectacle Theater in Brooklyn will be screening the film Hair Police 2001-2002, exploring the first year of the noise band Hair Police's existence. In a non-linear fashion, filmmaker and fellow musician C. Spencer Yeh has stiched together concert footage from the band's early live preformances, intercutting performances with a few anecdotes about the band. Hair Police began their life in 2001 in Lexington, Kentucky, and have been building walls of noise on albums and in live performances ever since. The band had few musical allies in their hometown, but quickly found like-minded experimental noise enthusiasts around the country, touring with bands like Wolf Eyes and Sonic Youth. This film focuses on the band's first year, when they were begining to figure it all out. Alongside the 30-minute film, Yeh will show short clips of other bands he captured in performance in 2002, including Animal Collective, Deerhoof, Caroliner Rainbow, Double Leopards, Sightings, Cock ESP, Melt-Banana and many more.

Tonights New York Premire and screening of Hair Police 2001-2002 is at 8pm at Spectacle Theater. More information here.

Below is example of Hair Police in action.