Hospital Productions at The Stone in February

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The Manhattan retail location for Hospital Productions, run by Dominick Fernow in tandem with the experimental/noise record label of the same name, has been closed since the begining of last December with little hope of ressurection. However, Fernow, who makes music as Prurient, and performs live with Cold Cave, is making room in his schedule for another project.

Over the next two weeks Fernow is curating 12 nights of shows at The Stone in the East Village. The Stone, a not-for-profit curatorial performance space, will be charging just $5 for each set, which is half off the average $10 admission price. What a steal! Each night a different artist performs, many of whom have released music through Hospital Productions, or have collaborated with Fernow in the past. Hospital Productions website promises even more excitement in the form of free Hospital Productions CDs and one-of-a-kind fliers. The Hospital Productions store was a physical space where those interested or involved in noise music could go to learn and listen. For the next fifteen days at least, The Stone will be continuing their tradition.

Here's the full schedule. It's worth it on many of the nights to let John Zorn kick you out of the Stone after the first show, wait on the sidewalk for 20 minutes, and pay the second $5 fee to be let back in.

Wednesday Feb. 1st

8pm Omei

10pm Northern Cross

Thursday Feb. 2nd

8pm Carlos Giffoni

10pm Dust Belt / Dual Action

Friday Feb. 3rd

8pm Luke Mold of Reuben Son

10pm Hell Hoarse

Feb. 4th

8pm Stillbirth

10pm Hoor-Paar-Kraat

Sunday Feb. 5th

8pm Kama Rupa

10pm Pharmakon

Tuesday Feb. 7th

8pm Yellow Tears

10pm K.P.

Wednesday Feb. 8th

8pm Twells Ning Nong

10pm Burning Star Core

Thursday Feb. 9th

8pm Withdrawal Method

10pm FFH

Friday Feb. 10th

8pm Brian Sullivan

10pm Âmes Sanglantes

Saturday Feb. 11th

8pm Decimus

10pm Stephen Brodsky

Sunday Feb. 12th

8pm Theologian

10pm Alberich

Wednesday Feb. 15th

8pm John Mannion

10pm Lussuria