Cuddle Formation releases ode to 603 Bushwick Ave.

Alex Wexelman

Cuddle Formation 603

Brooklyn DIY space Silent Barn was home to 14 people, including artist Noah Klein, before a tragic fire and the subsequent water damage destroyed much of their possessions and displaced them.

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Klein, who records under the moniker Cuddle Formation (among others), released a collection of music Tuesday, which he refers to as, “doodles, notes, and future samples for my audio journals,” on his Bandcamp page. Klein lived on the third floor of the space located on 603 Bushwick Ave. and has appropriately titled the compilation of tracks 603^. All of the 18 tracks are pithy instrumentals with the exception of the last one, which, if we are to believe the title, was recorded live at one of the mountain shows. The titles are small examples of the life he live(d)(s) at 603, with titles like “at night i climb a ladder to bed. in the morning i climb down” and “surrounded by people that i love”.

As Klein points out, the upstairs apartments at Silent Barn “regularly hosted live music, community meetings, a zine library, installations from local artists, film nights, band practices for people without a space to make noise, and the list goes on.” No price has been set for the collection of songs, but all donations, of any kind, will benefit Silent Barn and its residents.

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