Limited edition Double Dagger LP+DVD combo gives us reason to care about Record Store Day

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double dagger nolan

Though underground Baltimore icons Double Dagger broke up in 2011, they've still got a little love to share. This year on Record Store Day, whose patron saint is obviously Jack White, the band will be releasing their final album, 333, as a limited edition LP along with a DVD documentary called If We Shout Loud Enough. The doc is a final tour performance-heavy glimpse at what the DIY post-punk art and music scene was like in Baltimore when DD was at its height. A teaser to the documentary is below and as it tells us, “the listener is not shaking their fist at Double Dagger. The listener is shaking their first with Double Dagger.” We couldn't agree more. Remember: Record Store Day is on April 20, 2013—quit being a digital native for the day and go support your local music purveyor.