Eskimeaux to reissue Two Mountains

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Like most of the Epoch collective, Eskimeaux‘s Gabrielle Smith has a long catalog of music that encompasses the many personalities within her breadth of work. This year saw the release of O.K., which brought Smith critical acclaim to match that of the fans she’s accrued over the past five years. (Maybe) unlike the critics, those same fans know of Smith’s expansive range through prior releases on the Eskimeaux bandcamp, which range from earnestness to playful without the slightest hint of insincerity. Luckily, for those unfamiliar with her history, Eskimeaux’s 2011 record Two Mountains is getting the reissue treatment.

Originally released on homemade CDs, Two Mountains will be reissued on vinyl, cassette and (not homemade) CDs on October 23 via Yellow K Records. Though slightly rough-around-the-edges, Two Mountains will appeal to fans of the bedroom pop persona of O.K., and to anyone who might want to chart her songwriting progression.

You can stream Two Mountains below, and read our cover story feature with Gabrielle Smith here.