Interpreting FlyLo’s fucked-up Rorschach Test

Sandra Song

The IMPOSE office is full of amateur armchair shrinks and as such, we thought it’d be fun to interpret the series of Shintaro Kago’s manga-inspired death drawings that Flying Lotus has posted to his tumblr in anticipation of his upcoming Warp release, You’re Dead.

From the tumblr series we’ve learned that the follow-up to 2012’s Until the Quiet Comes spans 19 tracks and includes collaborations with Kendrick Lamar, Herbie Hancock, Angel Deradoorian, Snoop Dogg, and Thundercat. FlyLo’s hip-hop alter ego Captain Murphy will also make two appearances. But appearances do not tell the whole story, so sit back and watch the preview sampler of You’re Dead below, and read on to find out what your favorite card says about you.

1. Theme

Someone seems a little stressed. You got some killer migraines, dude? No wonder, if you’re wearing your hair in an American Psycho-esque slickback 24/7. Have a smiley face squeeze ball ready, or better yet, a bottle of Black Label, since you can probably afford it, you type-A asshole.

2. Tesla

Whoa, flaying? Very medieval masochist of you. The Da Vinci Code’s got nothing on you, though you probably have more identity issues than Forrest Gump and that crazy colorless monk combined. Just remember, not everything can be fixed by crawling out of your skin.

3. Cold Dead

You’re obviously the office doormat who eagerly lets your square peg of a boss face-fuck you (and your BA) in the form of never-ending Excel spreads and supply closet organization. Now go make 50 photocopies of your mug.

4. Fkn Dead

You’re just dead inside. Duh.

5. Never Catch Me

Okay, little miss exhibitionist. We get that you have some real sexy, ScarJo-level tricks under the skin, but honestly, the only kind of ribs we want to be seeing are of the baby back variety.

6. Dead Man’s Tetris

Never feel like you really fit in, huh? Get that bad boy-misfit complex out of your system and start piecing your life back together, you little shit. James Dean’s dead and so is your game.

7. Turkey Dog Coma

I get that you fancy yourself a cutting-edge foodie and indulge in all this adventurous deep-fried testicle bullshit, but doghouse-to-table is honestly a little weird. I mean, I love mystery multi-meats as much as the next brunch-munching asshole, but I don’t think tur-dog-en will ever be fashionable. Try again, tryhard.


8. Stirring

You’re all over the place. Get it together, yo. And stop flaking on all those clinic appointments. You need to get that shit checked out.

9. Coronus, the Terminator

Lol, lay off the Coronas, you shameless lush. And yeah, the “light” ones still count.

10. Siren Song


Commitment issues, huh? I can quite literally see through your bullshit. You think you run the game, but your slimy seduction tactics are all bark and no bite. Not cool, dude. Karma will get you back someday.

11. Turtles

Sure you’re hot, nubile, naked and all that other clickbait shit, but you’re still a completely hollow person. All surface selfies, no substance. The fucking Swiss cheese of people. Go put some fashion sweats on, girrlllll.

12. Ready Err Not

No core values. Find something to believe in.

13. Eyes Above

God, you’re so nosy (lol, body part puns). Stop Facebook stalking, peeping Tomming or whatever the fuck gets you off. It’s weird. You’re weird.

14. Moment of Hesitation

Indecisive much? I get that you’re coming to grips with all the terrible things life usually dumps on us all at once, but there’s always a “least-shitty” option somewhere in the tangle. Just take a second to literally unwind and the answer will come. Being uptight gets you nowhere.

15. Descent Into Madness

The name says it all. I think you’re beyond my help.

16. The Boys Who Died in Their Sleep

Whoa, this is fucked. Obviously you have some deep-set, Freudian-level issues to sort out for yourself before we can make any further progress on getting rid of those crazy dreams you’ve been having. Who are all those people anyway? Exes? I guess that’d give anyone nightmares…

17. Obligatory Cadence

You’re naturally freaking, because life is kind of unraveling before your eyes. No money, no family, 16 in the middle of Miami is pretty bleak after all. You need structure. A boring, stable rhythm in your life. Circadian shit, right?

18. Your Potential/The Beyond

Mmm… the potential to what? Go all BSDMC Escher on us? You’re a twisty, yo. One of those kawaii in the streets, hentai in the sheets baes, huh?

19. The Protest

You have too many “deep-set values.” It’s not college discussion section anymore, so sit the fuck down.

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