Meredith Graves is desperate to help recover GREEN DREAMS' stolen gear

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Green Dreams stolen gear

With the tag “desparate human being,” Perfect Pussy's Meredith Graves made an impassioned Indiegogo plea to help out their friends and recent tourmates GREEN DREAMS. She writes:

GREEN DREAMS, an incredible band from Rochester, NY, got dragged along on a crazy adventure with us (PERFECT PUSSY) and YAMANTAKA/SONIC TITAN.

We've been on tour for several weeks and this morning, the worst possible thing happened– our van got broken into, apparently by professional thieves who drove up, went at our van with power tools, and stole LITERALLY EVERYTHING.

Jesse, Trevor and Ben were hit hardest of all– they're missing cameras, recording equipment, computer equipment, the money they've made over the course of the last couple of weeks, LITERALLY EVERYTHING.

Everything is a gigantic fucking mess right now and all I want in the entire world is to help my friends get some of their shit back.

To further help out their pals, Perfect Pussy is offering up their limited edition Say Yes To Love blood vinyl box set, along with the forthcoming GREEN DREAMS 7″ on Cherish Records that Meredith will “personally buy the copies off of them to mail to people” as incentive to encourage donations. All told, they're asking for $1500, of which you can help by donating here.