Hella is back!

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News of a re-united Hella got hella real once Zach Hill confirmed the album was finished in April. The Nor Cal spaz-rockers released its first song in four years today. It's called “Hella – Track 1”. Yes, despite having four years to work on a record, the band is hella slacking in the naming department as it is lacking song titles and an album title. The band is slacking so hard, it has relinquished the task to the fans.

Hella is inviting its fans to create visuals and videos for “Hella – Track 1” and post them to the Hella Facebook page. With an expected August release date through Sargent House, Hella has the wiggle room to start naming stuff. Personally, the lack of titles does not bother us a bit. The instrumental blitzkreig of “Hella – Track 1” opens the album as though the record button were pressed mid-practice session. The lack of proper titles feels as though we're collectively surveying the test pressing with the band before the factory begins mass production. It's a friendly welcome into the clubhouse and we've removed our shoes out of respect.

Hella, “Hella – Track 1”