High Times to buy, rename Paste Magazine

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In the wake of years of financial struggles that have included subscriber fund-raiser, a “Pearl Jam Takeover” of their content, and top 17 rom-com countdowns, Paste, the perennial indie mag, is giving up the ghost, or at least handing the party joint to the left.

In a press release, High Times announced its plan to purchase Paste in what it described as “a unique opportunity to combine the premier source on indie culture for young urban professionals with the nation's toking bible.”

While the release promises to maintain the integrity of the indie rag's content, it will be instituting a few cosmetic alterations that include cannabis product evaluations alongside album reviews, regular “smoking with the stars” profiles, and, most noticeably, a name-switch. “Say goodbye to Paste, say hello to the music magazine for the discerning connoisseur of culture, and marijuana. Say hello to Rolling Stubs.”

No comment yet from Paste.